Sunday, 30 November 2008

Frosty mornings

We saw these webs whilst out yesterday - me and my stepdad went mad trying to get the best shot! Anyway this is my offering. Cool spiders, being able to do that (cool too with all that ice on your house). I love this sunny frosty weather.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

No sleep...

We don't get a lot of sleep round here. Hannah, our eldest daughter, has DiGeorge Syndrome, which is a genetic condition, hence my interest in special needs. She finds it incredibly difficult to settle herself to sleep and wakes up frequently during the night - she has only just stopped getting up tonight, and I am waiting for her to be fully asleep before I go to bed. We are a slightly chaotic family due to a chronic lack of sleep!

We live in a small two-up-two-down mill cottage in between the Peak District and Manchester in the UK. I say small, it's not that small really, but apparently it counts as small in the grand scheme of things. We would love more space but can't afford it, and anyway we like it here, we have great friends and neighbours, a garden and a view of the hills. What more do we need?!

I love all sorts of craft, particularly anything textile, and am currently dividing my (small amount of) craft time between knitting, sewing sock creatures, embroidery and making felt toys. I also enjoy painting, sticking and colouring with Hannah (and anyone else who happens to be around). As I say in my profile, I find that crafting helps me cope with everything life throws at me, and that's been quite a bit in the last three years. Major thanks go to my sister for teaching me to knit - I've always dabbled in sewing, but the knitting thing is more recent, and very therapeutic. I am known locally for taking my knitting everywhere with me in case I get a chance to do some while the children are asleep.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my musings on life and attempts at various crafty things.

Hi there!

Hi there and welcome to my new blog!
Look out for more soon.