Monday, 19 April 2010

And now we are two...

Yes, I know, unoriginal title, but my baby is two! (And yes, I know, I have another baby now, but this one's still my baby too.)  I can't believe it, as I am repeatedly told, they grow so quickly.

So we had a birthday party with a few friends and relatives, and because the weather was so nice last weekend we were able to have it outside in the (newly revamped - thanks Alex!) garden.  It was lovely, and required minimal organisation on my part, because I am not with it enough to think about these things in advance at the moment.  The cake was made the night before, and on the morning we decided on what the cake would be - it turned out to be a wellyphant cake (as in the book Elephant Wellyphant, which she loves).

And to go with it we had lion fairy cakes (because she loves being a lion and roaring).

And that's the last birthday for this season (the birthday season runs from October to April in this house), so six months off before we all become another year older.

And really annoyingly blogger won't let me upload photos at the moment.  So I'll try again later.