Monday, 20 April 2009

Demon on the dance floor

And that's my daughter, not me.

We went to a friend's wedding on Saturday, and had a great time. But it was the children who stole the show, of course. Steffie spent most of the time (in church and at the reception) crawling round finding new people to talk at and new things to play with (other people's shoes, pushchair wheels, that sort of thing), and Hannah, well Hannah took the dance floor by storm in the evening, and would have been there all night if we'd let her. Apparently she had everyone else copying what she was doing! Unfortunately for her Mummy and Daddy are not nearly as tough and we were flaked out by 8pm. We finally dragged her away at 10pm.

Monday, 13 April 2009

The latest project

Okay, so this was me set up for an evening's sewing last week. Table free of stuff (it's piled on one of the chairs), makeshift ironing board (two towels), iron on, and inspirational flowers in the background. And what you can't see is that the kettle is on as well. Ah, bliss.

And what was I making? Well, this:A blanket for my freind's little boy, who was one two days before Steffie. (Not that his present was ready on time. But near enough.) I couldn't resist that fleece when I saw it in the shop.

Steffie is one!

Yep, my baby is one year old! (Actually it was on Saturday, but we've only just come up for air after a busy but very enjoyable weekend.) Ok, I'm now going to do the sad thing, but where has it gone? She is getting so big! And doing so much!!

She was actually smiling until I got the camera out, she really enjoyed being sung to (we did it several times during the day) and loved the candle (though was a bit bemused by the blowing thing). Hannah spent the day asking if it was her birthday too, trying to open all of Steffie's cards and presents, and then when she had got the hang of the fact that it wasn't her birthday, telling us that it wasn't. Repeatedly. (As well as telling us that Daddy had taken her to Glossop on the train in the morning, which she was very excited about.)

And the cake? I was trying to think of what Steffie's favourite things were, and how I could represent them in edible spongy form. And I cam up with this. Can you see what it is? No? It's obvious isn't it? It's a remote control!

I snapped another picture of Steffie the other day that I just couldn't resist. She'd crawled into the kitchen, all the way round the table to her highchair, picked up a biscuit she'd dropped earlier, and sat back to eat it. I just thought it looked cute. We do feed her, honest.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Lime green car

I said a while ago that I was loving the lime green/red colour combination at the moment - well I think its the lime green that's doing it. I don't like green, but at the moment I do like that fresh lime green, maybe its that spring influence. Yesterday I found myself following one of these:(that's a Peugeot 207, for those that like to know these things)
and today I found myself following one of these:

(that's a Fiesta). In the sunshine the colour was gorgeous! (Though I'm not saying I want one myself...) I did enjoy the colour, particularly with the back headlights in red to set it off. This morning I was actually disappointed when it turned off! I think I'm going mad.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Palm Sunday

We had a great time at church this morning waving palms around, and then making Easter bonnets. These were my team's efforts - the one I was working on ended up with blue furry ears (on the left) which were very cute, but thankfully I didn't have to wear it.
This was the winning creation:
There were some fantastic bonnets, and it was great seeing the kids and the adults all having fun together. Even better was the little ones being taken off and having their own fun so that their parents (ie us!) could join in with the general crafty mayhem. Though Chris did take advantage of the time and slope off with a friend to play on the computer for an hour.

And also - couldn't resist this one of Hannah modelling the bunny ears she made on Friday at nursery. She wore them for the rest of the day.

Very nice to have the camera up and running again - turns out it was an issue between the card reader and Vista, so having found the cable I can download (or is that upload?) pictures to the computer once again. I was a bit worried I was going to end up with a card full of pictures I couldn't do anything with.