Monday, 13 April 2009

Steffie is one!

Yep, my baby is one year old! (Actually it was on Saturday, but we've only just come up for air after a busy but very enjoyable weekend.) Ok, I'm now going to do the sad thing, but where has it gone? She is getting so big! And doing so much!!

She was actually smiling until I got the camera out, she really enjoyed being sung to (we did it several times during the day) and loved the candle (though was a bit bemused by the blowing thing). Hannah spent the day asking if it was her birthday too, trying to open all of Steffie's cards and presents, and then when she had got the hang of the fact that it wasn't her birthday, telling us that it wasn't. Repeatedly. (As well as telling us that Daddy had taken her to Glossop on the train in the morning, which she was very excited about.)

And the cake? I was trying to think of what Steffie's favourite things were, and how I could represent them in edible spongy form. And I cam up with this. Can you see what it is? No? It's obvious isn't it? It's a remote control!

I snapped another picture of Steffie the other day that I just couldn't resist. She'd crawled into the kitchen, all the way round the table to her highchair, picked up a biscuit she'd dropped earlier, and sat back to eat it. I just thought it looked cute. We do feed her, honest.

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