Thursday, 11 June 2009

We've been busy...

Wow, a whole month since I last posted - oops! But in my defence, we have been busy.

The major thing was a holiday, a long camping trip down south. Not only was there major packing to do, but I was also making this:
The reason for the trip was my gran's 90th birthday, and the appropriate family party accompanying it. The quilt was a gift for her, and my first attempt at a (nearly) full sized quilt. I quite pleased with how it turned out, and it was fun to do, just a little bit rushed. I set up the machine on the kitchen table together with the laptop and watched stuff on 4od and iplayer whilst sewing - very civilized!

But before the family stuff we camped on Hayling Island, somewhere I know quite well from my youth, and somewhere I never thought I'd go on holiday! But we had a great time, visiting old haunts and finding new ones.

Since then we have been happily surprised with the news that we are expecting a third little Goodhew sometime in the New Year. So I am now in the throes of those first trimester goodies of feeling very tired and icky. Mmmm.

This month is also busy with appointments and reports for Hannah as nursery prepare to apply for her statement. The dynavox has broken and we are missing it a lot; we don't know when it will be repaired. And we've had the Hadfield Carnival (very soggy) in which we were involved on three stalls - it went well despite the weather but was very frantic. We have the church camping weekend this weekend (most of the stuff is still packed!) and a few other bits and bobs happening as well.

So, I'd better go and do that form I've been putting off. Eeek.

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