Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A moan, and more knitting...

I'm really struggling with this pregnancy now.  My bp is up (which I've never had a problem with before), my pelvis is hurting all the time despite the painkillers even when I'm resting, and I'm so slow on the crutches it took me 20 minutes to pay for the parking and walk back to the car at the hospital today.  Just as well there's only a few weeks to go now.

Still, I had a lovely midwife at the hospital today, we were discussing genetic syndromes which was very interesting (she has a different one in her family), and they were very nice about carrying my stuff around for me so I didn't have to struggle with coats and bags as well as crutches, which makes a huge difference.  Still no induction though, as, in the words of the doctor, 'it wouldn't work'.  I don't want a long slow labour (or worse), so I'm glad not to be induced, but I do wish Lentil would hurry up and make up her mind to come out - she's obviously still quite happy in there for the moment!

So, to take my mind off things I've started two blankets.  One is the diagonal baby blanket, in a lovely, soft, multicoloured chenille yarn that is horrible to knit with.  I've had it in my stash for ages having got it very cheap (probably because no-one else likes knitting with it either) and was wondering what to do with it - it needed an easy pattern that doesn't involve being able to see your stitches.  It will make a lovely baby blanket though, and if I make a mistake you can't see it at all.

The other is the pinwheel blanket, I love the geometricity (is that a word?) of the pattern and am really enjoying knitting it, though as I'm doing it in sock wool it could take a while.  I might try it again in some much bulkier wool afterwards to see what the difference is, but I chose the sock wool because I just love the colours, and I'm using 4mm needles so it's quite lacy in a way.  It's nice to be back in the knitting habit after the post-Christmas hiatus.

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sue said...

sorry to hear it's all so tough at the moment. the last few weeks are long enough without pain. Glad to hear you're knitting again - i'm on x-stich atm having promised husband i would finish the big one i started before we left Swansea 6years ago!

take care, & see you soon. come on lentil!