Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Post-Christmas blues - or purples, or reds...

Having done quite a lot of making for Christmas, I feel a bit crafted out and lacking inspiration. I was given a fab book called 'crafting creativity' which has lots of ideas so I may try a few to get back in the groove. I've made a resolution though to start making presents for next year much earlier - it was a bit a rush this year.

The handmade presents included two felted pots that I'm secretly rather proud of. But in the rush to finish them in time I forgot to take a photo which is annoying. They were made from a woollen cardy I found in a charity shop, lilac and heavily cabled. I felted it in the washing machine and it went so stiff! The two front panels I made into the pots so they ended up with cables running around the outside, and I lined them with some fabric I stashed a long time ago because I loved it. Then they were filled with homemade truffles - lovely and messy to make - mmm. I think I'm going to use the back of the cardy to make a bag, but I'm not sure what to use the arms for, they have cables running down them and are too good to waste! Some small purses maybe.

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