Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year, or What did you do with your extra second?

Well, Happy New Year! Yes, I know it's a little late, but most things here are a little late. I still have some Christmas presents to send out - must schedule that in for this evening.

So, what did you do with your extra second? When Chris told me about it (at 11.30pm on New Year's Eve, as we were going to sleep) I briefly considered staying awake to pray for peace in the world or something, but I'm afraid that in the end sleep won out. I was woken up at 3am on New Year's Day to feed Steffie so I did need that extra second. (I prayed earlier instead.) As it was a leap second maybe we should have all leapt together, like that experiment a few years ago when they tried to get most of the country to jump at exactly the same time to see if it would cause an earthquake. Hmmm.

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