Friday, 6 March 2009

The Library, and the joys of a glue gun

Steffie and I spent some time in the library this afternoon. The library in our village is tiny, one room that would be big-ish if it were my living room, but is small, sweet, for a library. And yet there are all sorts of books in there! Steffie spent the time pulling books off shelves in a very determined, how-many-can-I-pull-off-before-Mummy-notices-and-feels-she-ought-to-put-them-back kind of way. And as I was engrossed in books, she pulled off a lot before I noticed.

On the crafting front, it should have been knitting night at a friend's tonight but she had to cancel, so I have been playing with some pegs, some felt shapes and my new glue gun, just experimenting to see what kind of things look best. Not sure any of them do, but I'll keep trying. The glue gun is great fun though, I haven't used one since I was at school, how have I managed this long without one? I can stick anything!

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