Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothers weekend

We've had a great weekend celebrating my mum's birthday (yes, a BIG one!) and Mothers Day with all my family. Hannah and Steffie have hugely enjoyed playing with their big cousins, not to mention Auntie and Uncle as well as Grandma and Grandad. So many relatives in one weekend! And we have a new record for the largest number of people we can seat in our kitchen - 10 (including Steffie in her highchair).

My sister and I had made Mum a pair of cushions - one knitted (by her) and one sewn (by me). We couldn't finish them until they came down on Friday night so it was a long evening of sewing, but we got them done. We are very pleased with the results, but as usual I completely forgot to take photos before they disappeared to their new home. (And I'd bought a new card for the camera specially.)

I am now laid low with the sickness bug that is doing the rounds at the moment - great for Mothers Day huh. At least I am getting to lie around all day.

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