Thursday, 10 June 2010

The wool, it has arrived...

...and much knitting has ensued.

So the wool for the lacy cardi arrived today and I got very excited and cast on straight away and did 18 rows of the back. If I carry on like this I might even finish in time (it needs to be done by 2nd July but that may be pushing my knitting speed way too far). Tonight I knitted watching a programme about Atlantis on iplayer (it featured Santorini rather heavily and we went there for our honeymoon so it was nice to see it on tv, as well as the programme being interesting in its own right), and then I watched Junior Apprentice. I still think I prefer the adult version but this has grown on me over the weeks, and is quite entertaining. I do wonder what the 'process' might do to impressionable teenagers, but I guess if they've got this far they can't be too lacking in self confidence.

I forsee a weekend of knitting and tea in brilliant sunshine and good company, with (and here we get into the realms of fantasy) lots of sleep. I can but dream.

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