Monday, 2 August 2010

Home again

Hannah has had her op, and has bounced back (as young ones are wont to do) and is running around like nothing has happened.  She is on a soft diet for two weeks and is eating a lot of tinned spaghetti letters, ice cream, jelly and cheese as we struggle to find things that she both is allowed to eat and will eat.  Bread is out which is one of her main foods.  She is being very good about the restrictions especially as we are having to eat things in front of her that she can't have - we are all avoiding crisps though, so we'll be that much healthier for a bit!

I am getting towards the end of the Mystery Item I am making for later in the summer - more details will be forthcoming after the Event has taken place, just in case certain people read this!  I am on the last repeat of the pattern, but I think I will do one extra repeat to make sure it's big enough.  It's progress has been helped by a certain amount of stress requiring knitting therapy and a bit of quiet hospital time.

I've finished quite a few items in recent weeks, starting with blocking the pinwheel blanket and finishing the yellow Endive at the beginning of the month,

The pinwheel blanket, blocking in the sunshine.  Sunshine, when was that?
another darkside cowl,
The first darkside cowl - bad light but you can see the stitch pattern; the second was the same but purple instead of lilac.
a couple more skeins kettle dyed with food colouring which was interesting and great fun, and a bit of it knitted up to see what it looks like. 
Kettle dyed wool on the stove - actually this one didn't work but subsequent ones did.  I just like the reflections in the pot!
Oh, and a hat for baby Sophie's birthday.

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