Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I need a Plan.  Actually I need two plans.  Hang on, make it three (or four).  Better get planning!  What has brought all this on?  Well, its that time of year when everything starts coming all at once.  I am another year older (my birthday is mid-October) and that has always been my sign that I need to start thinking about Christmas.  Nowadays between October and Christmas there are two more birthdays, and this year is even more eventful.  So we have Rebekah's baptism followed by Chris's birthday, then there's Hannah's birthday (complete, this year for the first time, with a proper party) and then it's Christmas.  Interspersed are all the other events like carol services, a christmas tree festival and possibly a christmas labyrinth.  Add an essay due on 1st Jan, and I think I've got my work cut out for me over the next couple of months.  Hence I need a Plan.

So the Plan is: make the plans.  Then do them.  Simple really.

I think I better start with the baptism, for which I need to organise lunch, and I could also do with getting ready presents for the family members we will be seeing.  That would be being super-organised, not something I normally am.  Here goes: stage one - lunch.  stage two - presents.  Stage three - keep knitting to remain sane!  So off I go for a spot of thinking about food, followed by a bit of knitting.

The knitting is another story.  I'm making Chris a nice thick warm jumper following Elizabeth Zimmermann's directions in 'Knitting without Tears'.  I've just joined the arms to the body and I'm starting the colourwork on the yoke - definitely the interesting part.  And I might just get it done in time for his birthday; at the moment the rounds seem very, very long.  It's got to the stage where it's not generally portable, so for knitting out and about I have discovered the joy of socks.  Having experimented with baby socks, I've now started a proper adult sock, and unlike previous attempts, I am a) enjoying it and b) getting somewhere - wahey! Very chuffed. And very portable.  And housed in a lovely project bag (thanks Michelle) so it's a double whammy of knitting in my handbag.

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