Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow, and other things

Just to report, we have finally joined the rest of the UK in winter with a heavy snowfall. I had to use my crutches again to walk up to toddlers - I'd forgotten how much arm work they require and my arms really ache now!  Chris and I both have a cold so we're taking it in turns to be pathetic on the sofa while the other one sorts out the kids.

Yesterday Zoe took me to Chester which was lovely, it reminded me of other old market towns I have spent time wandering around, but I love the double decker-ness of the rows, and with all the decorations and the cold it felt very christmassy.  Then we went on to Stash Fine Yarns and oh what lovely woolly things - I finally saw Manos Maxima in the wool as it were, and they had a jumper knitted up in it, mmm, want one!

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