Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Presents, birthdays, Christmas, etc

Yes, it's that time of year again.  The birthday season goes a bit bonkers and then Christmas arrives.  So we had Hannah's birthday party on Saturday, which went well as far as I could tell.  We had a rainbow theme, and we had it in church so there was plenty of space, and we had craft, games and food, all the things that Hannah likes in fact. (And glow sticks.  Not very eco, but we do like them.)  I went with the decorate-you-own (brown paper) party bag, which may be a bit different but I think they enjoyed it.  I did have fun doing everything in rainbow colours, even down to the food.

So now I need to think seriously about Christmas presents and get them sorted. Another one came from the book man at toddlers today, so that's another one in the bag so to speak.  Well literally actually, as wrapping this year is courtesy of more of those brown paper bags, suitably decorated of course.  I'm tempted to put a little 'please recycle me' message on the bottom, but that might be taking it a little far.  It just seems daft to me to smother things in paper and sellotape just so the paper can be ripped off, and then it can't be recyled because of the sellotape and who can be bothered to sit and cut off all the sellotape-y bits on Christmas Day? (Ah yes - that'd be my mother, we used to reuse wrapping paper when I was growing up, until my sister and I banned it.) Anyway, I'm trying paper bags this year, and hoping to enlist the help of sundry small people in the decorating.

Better go and make (yet another) list.

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