Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Essay writing

I am currently in the throes of a major essay writing moment - my first assignment for the Reader course is due in on Saturday.  So I've been frequenting a certain coffee shop (that has free wi-fi) every morning since Monday, leading to much disgruntlement of the husband, as he is having to do the childcare.  I guess I have probably left it a little late, but life, as usual, got in the way of all my good intentions.  And as it is unpaid, my 'work' comes a very poor second to everything else.  Including other people's computer games.  Ah well.

In the few off moments I am continuing with the sock, which I am enjoying, having given up for now on the clapotis, which I wasn't.  Don't know why, as I'm on the decreasing rows, the yarn is lovely and I'm really going to enjoy it once it's finished, but the pattern just doesn't seem to do it for me.  I will finish it one day, hopefully soon, so that I can wear it.

The snow has gone, being replaced by a rather dull greyness,  but at least the cloud has lifted a bit today and we can see the hills again.  Walking home from the station at lunchtime was actually rather pleasant.

Anyway, better go do a bit more writing elsewhere.  Ah well.

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