Friday, 7 January 2011

New year, new jumper...

I'm still writing my essay, now nearly finished, but I've got distracted by thinking about my next major project.  I've been trying to de-bobble my favourite jumper but with little success; it's still my favourite jumper but it's not desperately presentable any more as it has pilled horribly.  I have also realised that if/when I am licensed I will need a) more smart jumpers, b) ones that don't have hoods so that they'll go under a cassock, and c) ones that will keep me nice and warm in potentially cold churches.  As most bought jumpers don't fit very well especially in the sleeve, knitting my own is the answer.  I haven't knit myself one for a year or two and this is a major decision both in terms of time required and cost.  But very exciting.

After much trawling of ravelry I have settled on doing Rogue, which I have long admired, but without the hood (for cassock reasons) and also without the pocket.  I've already test knitted one of the cables to check that I can actually knit them - and I can, dead chuffed!  The final decision is which wool to use, and I have just ordered some samples this morning.  Like I said, very exciting.  One caveat though:  I have to finish the cup o' tea first so that I can use the needles.

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