Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The wanging stage

Rebekah has reached the 'wanging' stage (as in welly wanging, to throw with force with not much in the way of directional aim).  Her current favourite activity is emptying a box of toys bit by bit and throwing them behind her.  She can get through a lot of toys like this, and create a lot of tidying up.  She does look very cute doing it though, with a mischevious grin and a contented look.  Wish I was one sometimes.

 In other (knitting) news, the new year has seen a plethora of new projects cast on.  Some are secrets for the present so I won't say too much, but the jumper is coming on well.  I went for Rogue in the end, using Wendy Mode chunky so that it doesn't take as long to knit.  Luckily there is a rogue veteran in K1S2 so I can ask questions etc.  So far it is a very enjoyable knit, but it has been temporarily snoozing of late as more time-dependent projects have taken over.  I also finished the first seaweed sock and cast on the second, but haven't got any further for the same reason as above.  I have a whole list of projects to do this year, so it could be a very knitty year (or a very frustrating one, depending how it goes).

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