Monday, 24 August 2009

Current knitting WIPs

I'm still trying to find the fingerless mitts so that I can a) count the rows and see if its the tension that's the problem (my sister reckons it might be as she had something similar happen), and b) take photos.  I've obviously put them away from prying fingers but I cannot remember where.  Ah well, they'll turn up eventually.  But I'd really like to take them to Greenbelt this weekend.

I have started a lace scarf which is interesting, but the yarn is horrible (it's squeaking on my needles - yuk!) so I think this might be a swatch rather than the full thing.  I'm not sure if I like lace yet or if I need something more mindless.

So I'm working on the marble jumper, which is just getting to the interesting stage.  I have spent some of this evening working out what size I want the kangaroo pocket to be, so having done that I can go ahead and knit it now!  I think this might be the holiday project to take with me.  Pictured is the back which I finished last week - I love the colours in this yarn.

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