Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fingerless mitts - nearly not a WIP

I've nearly finished the fingerless mitts I started a long time ago - the second one has taken a while to do. I got to the exciting part of binding off and casting on for the thumb hole while waiting to see the midwife this morning - I'd just finished casting on when she called me in! Had to bundle everything away quickly.

I like knitting while waiting for appointments as I can still hear my name being called and can put it away quickly, plus you get some great comments sometimes. My best one was whilst waiting in antenatal clinic last time (lots of knitting gets done in antenatal), a bloke from Africa (he did tell me where but I can't remember) came up and said how nice it was to see someone knitting, he used to do a lot at home and they were all taught in school, plus apparently the boys were very into it. I keep telling Chris he should try it...

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