Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Crafting and cars

I've been doing quite a bit of crafting since my last post, but since it was for gifts they went out of the house before they could be photographed! I made some bunting with her name on for the birthday girl of a party Hannah was invited to - it was made out of felt with some ribbon from my stash across the top, felt letters on it and decorated with some flower gems. I also made a crayon roll for a very sweet little boy at Hannah's nursery who has been looking after her since she started back in January. He will be going to big school in September so I made him this with some blue material lined with acid green, and we put some pens in it too. Hannah made a thank you card to go with it. Hope he liked it.

On a completely different tack we've been looking at cars recently and today we went to Bolton to look at our first one 'in the flesh' so to speak. It was an enormous van-like thing with seven seats, we liked it generally and the ride/drive was good, but this particular vehicle wasn't for us. Poor Hannah was distraught when we didn't buy it and came back home in our old car.


stixnstring said...

Michelle (Kirsty and Tom's-mum) here... I finally got round to looking at your blog! Hope you're all OK, hope to catch up soon or at least when Toddlers restarts. I'm stixnstring on Ravelry if you want to message me there ;)
PS Have followed your lead and been making odd-sock-creatures out of handknitted socks that have either worn out or are too small for Tom with some amusing results.

tallgirl said...

Hi Michelle, glad you found it!! You'll have to show us your sock creatures sometime...